Managing Waste there are three mechanisms as treatment, e.g. physical, chemical and Biological. These mechanisms are used together in a single Effluent Treatment Plant with discharge capacity of 40m3/hr.


We maintain the standard purity and hardness of the water by using iron free soft water below 2ppm hardness. We have our own Treatment Plant with capacity of 130m3 /hr to ensure constant supply of iron free soft water.

Steam Boiler

We are using fully automatic natural gas fired boiler for efficient operation. The boilers are originated from USA and South Korea with the capability of producing required steam.

Waste Management

We make sure that all our industrial wastes are well managed. We value our goal towards keeping a sound environment around our work place by setting up an Effluent Treatment Plant and a Water Treatment plant. We also put sufficient effort in our waste disposal management system.


For ensuring uninterrupted power supply, we have installed two Waukesha gas generators producing 1600KVA and one Perkins diesel operated generator producing 500KVA. As an alternative, we are also supported by Rural Electrification Board (REB).