Poly Poly Core Spun (PPC)

Poly Poly Core Spun (PPC)

Poly Poly Core Spun (PPC) threads are made by wrapping a staple polyester wrapper around a continuous filament bundle of polyester fibers during spinning, and then plying these yarns into a sewing thread. Poly Poly Core Spun is available in 45/2, 40/2, 20/2, 20/3, 20/4 counts.

Key Benefits

  • High strength & high tenacity Polyester Filament
  • Good thermal resistance
  • No problem of melts of threads on high speed machines
  • Very high resistance of sewing abrasion
  • High productivity due to excellent performance on sewing machine due to specially formulated micro molecule lubrication


  • Button hole stitching, ultra-thin overlock, blind stitch sewing
  • Elasticity, high grade trimming, jeans, blazers
  • Fine blouses that are susceptible to seam puckering, denim products that will be stone-washed or sand blasted

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