New Generation Sewing Solution

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New Generation Sewing Solution

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Managing Director
Md Siddiqur Rahman, MBA, ACBA (IBA), FCS

Simtex Industries Limited is one of the biggest producers of Sewing Thread and Yarn Dyeing in Bangladesh. Very recently we invested on a full set-up of cotton yarn dyeing project to take the production capacity in an even higher level. We have managed to ensure perfection in terms of "Quality", "Pricing" and "Timeliness" of our product before and we are striving stay likewise.

Though it is often invisible and comprises a very small portion of the retail selling price of a garment, sewing thread is an integral component of the product. Typically the cost of thread is less than 5% of the retail selling price. Since the vast majority of seams in garments are held together by sewing thread, it is important to recognize that 50% of the responsibility of the garment's performance is dependent on sewing thread.

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