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Products are tested thoroughly for strength, color perfection & sewability in order to ensure higher quality.

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We pride in maintaining the shortest lead time possible in the market in order to provide our customers with the best service possible.

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In respect to our size of production, our distribution and services are unique from our competitor firms.

Simtex Industries Limited

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In 2000, Simtex started its long and prosperous journey in a small infrastructural mill in Mirpur, Dhaka with the dream of becoming the leading pioneer of sewing thread solution makers in Bangladesh.

Going through immense growth in the past 20 years, Simtex caters an excellent and rewarding service in the apparel industry with its superior products & reliability in service.

At A Glance

Our Products

Staple Spun Polyester (SSP)

Spun Poly or otherwise known as Staple Spun Polyester (SSP) is made by spinning 100% polyester fibers

Poly Poly Core Spun (PPC)

Poly Poly Core Spun (PPC) threads are made by wrapping a staple polyester around a continuous filament

Textured Polyester (TXP)

A group of polymers that consist basically of repeated units of an ester and are used especially in making fibers

Water Soluble Thread (PVA)

Water soluble thread/PVA (Magic thread) is a terrific product for various purposes such as machine and

Continuous Filament Polyester (CFP)

Continuous Filament Polyester is a made from pre-stabilized high tenacity

Continuous Filament Nylon (CFN)

A monochord twisted nylon sewing thread which is ideal for sewing a wide

RFD Cotton

A soft white fibers substance that surrounds the seeds of a tropical and subtropical plant and is used as Textile

Texured Nylon (TXN)

Nylon filament yarn is long continues fiber, Nylon fibers are used to produce a compresence range of textile

Cotton Raw White (CRW)

Cotton thread is the perfect accompaniment to 100% cotton fabric and is therefore most commonly used

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